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Influence is a nuanced topic. The strategies I shared are universal, but how you apply them varies by situation and audience. If you have questions about how best to apply the 3 strategies to your specific situation, I’m happy to answer them. You can get your questions answered using either option below.
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3 Paths to Develop Your Influence

Unleash Your Influence

An 8-week blended course that leverages spaced repetition and provides weekly practice and coaching.

Master The Fundamentals

Self directed online course that provides the content only. Coaching and video feedback can be purchased separately.

Maximum Influence

A powerful course guaranteed to deliver visible results in just 2 days. We’ll customize the content and come to you.
Meet Heather Johnson

Dr. Heather Johnson is an internationally recognized speaker and influence expert. With a doctorate in Psychology and 27 years of business experience, Heather is known for her courses and keynotes on Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Communication, and Transitions.

Heather’s energy is contagious, and her stories will stick with you long after the conference. She has a knack for taking complex topics and distilling them down to the key nuggets that drive results. Whether delivering a keynote or facilitating a workshop, Heather is known for her ability to keep even those with the shortest attention spans engaged. As a result, you’re guaranteed to leave with actionable ideas that will get immediate results.

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