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Hello, and welcome to Unleash Your Influence! You are in a role where influence is critical to your success, and by the end of this course, you’ll have all the tools you need to effectively influence any audience in any situation. You will see improvement in two ways:
  • Increased knowledge, including new tools to help you influence.
  • Demonstrated improvement in your ability to influence.
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This master class is intended to challenge you. Change doesn’t come from comfort; change comes from discomfort. Trust the process, put in the effort, and I guarantee results!

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Course Overview

Online access to the course opens May 31 with two assessments to help you identify and prioritize your greatest opportunities for improvement. The first will measure your IQ (influence quotient), and the second will measure your current influence knowledge. You’ll also use the assessments to track your progress over the next year.

You’ll have an opportunity for three personal coaching calls during the course. You will schedule these while completing the items in the ‘Getting Started’ module online.

You’ll then go through the modules below.  Each module includes one or more videos, a workbook download, and quizzes to reinforce learning. You’ll have approximately 4 hours of videos to watch over the 6 week course. When you complete a video, the quiz will open. When you complete the quiz, the next video will open.

Although there are online workbooks you can download, I already printed them for you, and added them to your primary workbook. The workbook contains exercises to help you apply what you learn. The sooner you watch the videos, the more opportunities you’ll have to practice before our first webinar on June 20.

  • The Three Foundations Of Influence
  • Influential Introductions
  • What’s Stress Got To Do With It?
  • Managing Silent Messages
  • Rapidly Organize Your Thoughts Using A Proven Methodology
  • Integrate Stories For Engagement And Impact
  • Facilitate Meetings That Get Results
  • Master The Art Of Listening
  • Influencing Virtually


Each week you will have self-directed online content to complete before attending the webinars. The sooner in the week you complete the online content, the more opportunities you’ll have to practice those new skills prior to the webinars.

  • Week of May 31 Log into the course and complete the “Getting Started” module including the 2 assessments, the coaching form, and schedule your coaching calls.
  • June 8-9 Complete your first Coaching Call
  • June 20  (Monday) Webinar 1
  • June 27-28  2nd Personal Coaching session
  • June 27 (Monday) Webinar 2
  • July 6 (Wednesday) Webinar 3
  • July 11  (Monday) Webinar 4
  • July 12-13 3rd Personal Coaching session

Getting Started

Online Course Access:

Use this link and the credentials below to log onto the course beginning May 31.

  • username: your kljeng.com email address
  • password: KLJ_Unleash_9QQ

Once you have successfully logged in to your account page, you will see the name of your course. Click to open and begin.

**NOTE: if you experience problems logging in or issues as you are working through the course, please send an email to robynflach@gmail.com with the subject line: KLJ Course Assistance

Setting you up for success:
Please complete the following by the deadlines to stay on track and be ready for the first webinar on Monday, June 20:

  • May 31 – June 7: Complete the online module called ‘Getting Started’ by taking the two assessments, completing the pre-coaching form, and scheduling your three coaching calls by June 7. Please begin early and schedule your first coaching call as soon as possible for the best availability of coaching call times. 
  • June 8-9: Participate in your first of three 20 minute coaching calls.
  • June 19: Complete Module 1 online in preparation for the June 20 webinar. The sooner you complete that module, the more opportunities you will have to practice before the webinar.

Coaching Calls

You will have an opportunity to participate in 3 20-minute coaching calls with Erica Johnson during the course. Once you complete the two online assessments and the pre-coaching form, you will be linked to a calendar where you can choose a time for each of the 3 coaching calls. Choose one time in each date range:

  • June 8-9
  • June 27-28
  • July 12-13

Videos will be on for these calls. The purpose of the first call is to determine your goals and answer any questions you may have.

You will have a second coaching call just before webinar 2 and a third after webinar 4.

Erica Johnson, consultant, Klassen Performance
When you schedule your calls, you will receive a calendar confirmation that will include the Zoom link for the coaching call. Coaching calls are scheduled back-to-back, so it is important to start each call on time to take advantage of your full 20 minutes. *If you need to schedule your remaining coaching calls after you’ve already submitted your initial goals, please use this link.

Weekly Webinars

Access Your Weekly Webinar via this Zoom link information Unleash Your Influence Live Webinar Our 4 webinars will be Wednesdays. 
  • Group 1 –  9:00-11:00 AM CST
  • Group 2 –  1:00- 3:00 PM CST
You’ll use the same Zoom link for all 4 webinars, and the password is ‘influence‘. You’ll wait in the waiting room until the webinar begins. The webinars will begin on time and move quickly. We will all have cameras on because we’ll be using these webinars for discussion and practice. I will assume that you’ve watched the videos online to prepare for the webinars and will build on that foundation. NOTE: The waiting room will be open 15 minutes prior to each webinar to give everyone time to connect. We strongly recommend testing your network on the device you will be using for the webinar prior to the webinar to make sure it can access Zoom.  If you are experiencing connection issues, please see recommendations on troubleshooting your connections here.
  • Monday, June 20, 2022
  • Monday, June 27, 2022
  • Wednesday, July 6, 2022
  • Monday, July 11, 2022

Video Instructions

Submit your first video: This the first of three videos you’ll record. We use them for coaching and to track progress. They will accelerate your development as we use them for coaching and to track progress. Please submit your first video the day after your coaching call using the link below. Choose a topic from the list below and use your phone to record the 2 to 3-minute video. **IMPORTANT: Save your video with your name and the date and then upload it using this link.
  • Deliver your talk standing up to record your entire body (or at least from your knees up).
  • Have someone else record if possible to follow any movement and keep you in frame.
  • Test audio. If you can’t hear it, we won’t be able to either.
  • Pre-talk information: When you start recording, tell us
    1. Your name
    2. Who your audience is (ex: team, boss, peers), how many people will be listening, and anything significant about them.
    3. The purpose of your talk.
    4. After you share your name, audience, and purpose, pause and begin your talk as you would if you were speaking to your hypothetical audience.

Choose your topic:

Choose a topic that you can cover in 2-3 minutesStretch yourself – don’t use a topic you’ve done before. Prepare as you normally would, but no more than 20 minutes. Choose an audience that you will hypothetically deliver the talk to. It could be your team, your boss, or even a group of 100.

  • A topic that is coming up that you’d like to practice. You may only be able to do a portion of it in 2-3 minutes. Focus on the introduction, or just a point or two.
  • The importance of embracing change. It could be a change in your industry, your company, or your team.
  • Requesting approval for a project or for funding from the leadership team.

Don’t overthink the topic or the audience. Just choose something that is relevant, new, and stretches you that you can practice in 2-3 minutes. You can discuss ideas on  your coaching call if that would be helpful.

Dr. Heather Johnson is an internationally recognized speaker with extensive experience developing leaders.  With a doctorate in Psychology and over 20 years of business experience, she works with leaders to quickly identify individual and team performance obstacles and develops customized solutions that lead to rapid change and lasting results. Heather facilitates public and in-house workshops that deliver personalized, practical, and immediate results.  Some of her most requested topics are: Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Leading Through Transitions, and Mastering High-Stakes Conversations.

Dr. Heather Johnson

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