Emotional Intelligence / Body Language Training for Sales Professionals

Leveraging EQ to Optimize Sales Skills

The Hay Group study of 44 Fortune 500 companies found that salespeople with high EQ produced twice the revenue of those with average or below average scores.
At Sanofi-Aventis, sales reps who increased their EQ scores by a mean of 18 percent later improved their total sales revenue by an average of 12 percent.

Research shows that Emotional Intelligence is the single best predictor of success and impacts nearly everything we do, including decision making, problem-solving, and the quality of  relationships. Teams with high EQ make fewer mistakes, are more profitable, solve problems faster, enjoy higher productivity, and maintain higher morale than lower EQ teams.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor and manage your own emotions and understand and influence the emotions of others.

In this course, participants learn how to interpret emotional data and use specific tools to make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and ultimately increase productivity for themselves and their teams.

The Sartorius team will learn the power of emotional intelligence and how to leverage it to maximize performance.


Training for this team in the past has focused primarily on sales-specific skills. Leadership understands that emotional intelligence is a skill that will help them strengthen their sales skills. The team needs virtual training to increase their emotional intelligence, improve their nonverbal communication, and develop their insight into themselves and others.

Dr. Heather Johnson, a professional speaker and expert in emotional intelligence with 26 years of experience will facilitate all four sessions. Each session will be results-focused, engaging, and provide ample opportunity for discussion.

Klassen Performance Group will develop a customized, virtual course for the Sartorius Account Management team to help them develop the skills they’ll need to:

  • Develop strong relationships that separate them from the competition and lead to long-term mutual benefit
  • Truly understand customer needs and uncover objections using enhanced listening and empathy
  • Understand the emotional aspects of customer decision making
  • Influence customer decisions using verbal and nonverbal cues
  • Navigate high-stakes conversations
  • Bounce back from adversity and manage change with resilience
  • Regulate their emotions to stay motivated and energized after rejection
  • Receive criticism positively for continued growth
Up to 60 US Sartorius account managers working on the bioprocess side of the business. Most have a background in science, with varying levels of sales experience.

Participants will receive a link to register for the course. They will then get a personal link to access the webinars, download a PDF participant’s guide, and assess their emotional intelligence.

After the fourth session, they will receive instructions for how and when to retake the assessment to check their progress.

Four two-hour virtual sessions (equivalent to a 1-day in-person course) and a Participants Guide download.

Nov 29

Opportunity at Hand: Emotional Intelligence as the Key to Building Relationships, Solving Problems, and Increasing Sales
Participants will learn how emotional intelligence impacts their thinking, behavior, communication, and ultimately their sales. They will develop a solid foundation on which to build skills in the subsequent three sessions.

Dec 6

Turning on Your Emotional Radar
Participants will learn strategies to increase self and social awareness, including body language.

Dec 13

Managing Emotions for Success
Participants will learn how to regulate and express their emotions to convey what they are feeling without derailing the purpose of a meeting or conversation.

Dec 20

Pulling it all Together: Leveraging EQ to Optimize Results
Participants will learn how to utilize their skills daily for increased personal and professional success.

Investment of $10,000 includes:

  • Emotional Intelligence development for up to 60 participants
  • Customization of content for the Sartorius sales team including discussions with Leon
  • Four two-hour virtual sessions facilitated by Dr. Heather Johnson
  • A participant guide to increase engagement and retention
  • Access to Heather Johnson or one of the coaches on her team between sessions for questions.
  • Exercises to practice building skills between sessions

Option to add 3 months of skills reinforcement – $4,500. This option includes: 

  • Weekly emails with additional resources and exercises to reinforce content and keep participants focused on building their skills.
  • Monthly ‘Office Hours’ – 90 minutes each month where participants have live access to a KPG coach through a video call to ask questions and get additional help while building their emotional intelligence skills.

Emotional Intelligence underlies everything we do and can be leveraged to supercharge performance.

How We Get The Results We Promise:
  • We cut through the fluff and focus on the practical application to help you excel.
  • We are experts in human behavior who understand how to effectively put theory into practice.
  • We provide relevant exercises so you can practice skills taught and get insightful feedback.
  • We use research and real-life stories that bring the content to life and drive points home.
  • We facilitate thought-provoking discussions that challenge preconceptions.
Optional In-Depth Development on influence

Influence is a key component of Emotional Intelligence and essential to sales success. We offer three options for people to develop their influence skills.

The Power of Influence in Sales

Recently Heather discussed influence as a key to doubling sales on the ‘Double Your Sales Now’ podcast. Listen below:

Unleash Your Influence

Unleash Your Influence is an 8-week blended course that leverages spaced repetition and provides weekly practice and coaching. Learn More

Master The Fundamentals

Master the Fundamentals is a self-directed online course that provides the content only. Coaching and video feedback can be purchased separately.
Learn More

Maximum Influence

Maximum Influence is a 2-day course delivered in person.
Learn More

“I have found great value in your training and it’s really helped me professionally. In fact, I was just asked by my Region President to present with her on Friday at a chamber breakfast…this opportunity would not have happened if she was not impressed with the presentations I’ve given over the past year with the skills learned in your training.

Senior Marketing Business Consultant

“Overall, your influence course was one of the most impactful seminars I have ever attended in my 13 year career in the wireless industry. The value was tremendous. It gives you the necessary tools and ‘real-world’ experience on how to present and ultimately influence an audience. This course was more relevant than others I’ve attended and it taught/coached very specific techniques for success. Other courses are more general and lack content that has real and immediate impact. All managers, and employees of leaders they are developing to next level, should go though Maximum Influence.”

Direct Sales Manager

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Dr. Heather Johnson is a nationally recognized speaker with extensive experience developing leaders.  With a doctorate in Psychology and 26 years of business experience, she works with leaders to quickly identify individual and team performance obstacles and develops customized solutions that lead to rapid change and lasting results. Heather facilitates courses in person and virtually that deliver personalized, practical, and immediate results.  Some of her most requested topics are: Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Communication, and Strategic Planning.

Dr. Heather Johnson

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