September 25-27, 2022
Recharge, Refocus, Renew

Can you relate to any of the following?   

  • You feel a frustrating disconnect between your values, priorities, and daily activities
  • Work-life balance continuously eludes you, or seems like the punch line to a cruel joke
  • You are transitioning into a new role and could really use the mentorship of a woman who has been there before
  • You want to reach the next level and need to accelerate your progress to get there
  • Repeated setbacks have drained your energy and you don’t know how to replenish it
  • Most of the training offered at your company overlooks the challenges you face as a woman
  • You feel stuck in your current position and know you need to develop to move forward, but don’t know where to start

To say that it made an impact in my everyday life is an understatement. I met impressive met impressive women that I am going to make sure I don't lose contact with. I walked away with a sense of empowerment, mindfulness, and confidence that I don't think I have ever experienced before. I'm excited to put the tools I learned to work and have already felt much more in control of my life…”

You’re not alone.
Daily demands and obstacles can drain our energy, distract us from our purpose, and cloud our vision.

Success is personal. Every woman decides for herself what success looks like and what will be meaningful to her. That vision of success can change and evolve over time as circumstance, needs, and opportunities are experienced.

Are you ready to take the steps needed to move forward but haven’t found a course that seems to fit? 

Women in supportive discussion during breakout groups during Women IGNITE!
Dr. Heather Johnson engaging with attendees at Women IGNITE!
Some of the recent Women IGNITE! attendees posing for a class photo
What if you could create the ideal experience to re-ignite your inner flame and develop the skills, relationships, and tools you need to thrive?

It would likely include…

  • An idyllic, distraction-free setting where you could tune out the world and focus on your development.
  • An intimate group of like-minded women to challenge, support, and energize you.
  • Sincere, enlightening discussions that lead to breakthrough insights and solutions.
  • Lasting relationships with women who can help you overcome the challenges you face, serving as your personal “Board of Directors”.
  • Effective, relevant tools that women need most to excel personally and professionally.
  • Rapid change guided by an expert facilitator who knows how to create an experience that will transform your life in just 2.5 days.
We created Women IGNITE! to accomplish all of that, and more!

Dr. Heather Johnson will guide your journey through clarifying your vision, setting motivating goals, and building skills and relationships to ignite your personal and professional growth. 

You will leave with:
  • A clear vision and goals for the next 3 years
  • 6 proven ways to find a minimum of 5 extra hours in your week
  • Effective strategies to quickly bounce back from setbacks
  • Specific steps to build, nurture, and leverage an invaluable network
  • An approach based on psychology to replace ineffective behaviors with empowering habits
  • A personal board ready to help you going forward
  • 8 neuroscientific strategies to increase your energy and focus
  • Best practices and insights from incredible women who have overcome similar challenges

Heather is an amazing woman all around! Her ability to teach, impact and motivate is incredibly impressive. Her insights, knowledge and thought leadership are a benefit to those around her, and to the students in her sessions. Beyond her professional success, she is an inspiration and it is evident she is just as wonderful in her personal life. " Kristin, Manager

Women IGNITE! group on the Riverboat Dinner Cruise

The Women IGNITE! Experience

Women Ignite! is a powerful, transformational experience for women that past participants have called “life-changing”.
There is no better place to recharge and refocus than the historic town of Stillwater, MN. Kick off your retreat by coming early and biking the loop, strolling through antique shops and galleries, strolling along the river, or hiking one of the city’s 5 historic staircases.

Sunday Happy Hour
Your retreat officially begins with a happy hour Sunday evening where you’ll meet and begin to form a community with the other amazing women you’ll be spending time with over the next few days. It’s a fun filled evening with great food, valuable discussion, laughter, and new friendships.

Day 1: Monday
You’ll begin bright and early on Monday as Dr. Heather Johnson leads you through a series of challenging and insightful exercises, each new topic building on the last. You’ll practice each of these new skills as you progress through the topics, gaining confidence and igniting your personal and professional growth.

Monday Evening Dinner Cruise
Wrapping up the first full day you’ll be treated to a dinner cruise on a paddleboat where you’ll enjoy a MN BBQ as you cruise along the St. Croix River with great music and new friends and an opportunity to put new skills into practice outside of the ‘classroom’.

Day 2: Tuesday
On Tuesday you’ll begin once again bright and early, with more insight, exercise, practice, and deep discussion that is energizing, respectful, and validating. You’ll continue to share, learn from, and be inspired by this new community of Women IGNITE! friends, and they will continue learning and be inspired by you.

The retreat may officially come to an end, but you won’t want to leave. As we wrap up, you’ll make time for hugs, make plans to keep in touch, and like many others before you, may opt to gather with your new friends for dinner and fun somewhere unique in town to reminisce,  share your favorite moments, and how the Women IGNITE! experience has impacted you.
Fire up your business with Women IGNITE! 10 ways it delivers solid Return on Investment
You’ll return from Women IGNITE energized, confident, and armed with tools that empower you in your personal and professional life. Those around you may notice:
  1. Increased productivity from goal setting and time management
  2. Clarity and motivation from alignment of your goals and priorities
  3. Increased resilience as you bounce back quickly from setbacks
  4. Flexibility to adapt to change while maintaining a positive mindset
  5. Growth in your professional network as you bring new resources and ideas to the table
  6. Fresh ideas from insights gained from a trusted group of other high achievers
  7. Verbal and written communication and influence skills that are intentional and effective
  8. Renewed confidence and passion that sets you apart
  9. Improvement in managing stress that previously would have distracted and drained you.
  10. Increased focus and sustainable energy

The 'Women Ignite!' retreat at the Lowell Inn was amazing! Three days were a condensed collection of all I learned in my prior 53 years of continuing education. And a better learning experience because of the limited class size, the interaction of you and the attendees, the great location, the boat trip, and the discussions taking place even when not in class. I wish I could tell every woman 'Here Is Your Key To Succeed – GRAB IT!'. "

Working through the values exercise that Dr. Heather Johnson provided as pre-work was so enlightening to me and has made decision making easier. I now know where to look when I have conflicting priorities because not only have I identified my values, I’ve ranked them too."


Space is limited – reserve your spot for this transformative retreat!

Save when 3 or more women register together!

Women IGNITE! at the The Historic Lowell Inn

Women IGNITE! is held at the Historic Lowell Inn in Stillwater, MN, – an idyllic, quaint river town considered to be the birthplace of Minnesota.  Located just a short drive from the Mpls / St. Paul airport.

September 25 - 27, 2022

Take advantage of your time by exploring Stillwater before happy hour or take an extra night to let everything sink in before going back to reality.
STILLWATER was voted a “Top 5 Midwest Towns to Visit Now” and is rated as one of the top 10 “Prettiest Towns in America” by Forbes Magazine. With great food, antiquing, shopping, & hiking, you’ll be happy to have a few extra days to explore!

Here are some fun things that former Women IGNITE! attendees have enjoyed:

  • Rent a bike and enjoy the ‘Loop Trail’
  • Hike along the river trails
  • Take a Trolly tour
  • Rent a boat
  • Stroll Historic Main Street
  • Visit a winery or brewery

Join us for Women IGNITE!

2.5 focused days of motivated women developing the vision, skills, and relationships needed to IGNITE! their journey to personal & professional success!

Dr. Heather Johnson is a nationally recognized speaker with extensive experience developing leaders.  With a doctorate in Psychology and over 30 years of business experience, she works with leaders to quickly identify individual and team performance obstacles and develops customized solutions that lead to rapid change and lasting results.

Heather works with companies all over the country and across industries facilitating courses in person and virtually that deliver personalized, practical, and immediate results.  Some of her most requested topics are: Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Communication, and Strategic Planning. She is also a frequent speaker at St. Catherine’s University with keynote topics including Helping Women Thrive In Male Dominated Industries, Transitioning With Purpose, Amplifying Influence, and more.

Dr. Heather Johnson