May 21-23, 2023
Meet the creator and host of Women IGNITE! Dr. Heather Johnson

This retreat is a labor of love that I can’t wait to host every year. Women often describe it as a life-changing experience. I understand that because I feel the same way whenever I host it! This experience wasn’t developed overnight; it is the product of 25 years of experience and research.

My name is Dr. Heather Johnson. I’m a psychologist, business owner, professional speaker, adventurer, and, as one leader said, “the Yoda of training”. I’ve always loved traveling and learning how others perceive and experience the world. I often have at least three trips in various planning stages at one time.

I started my career in leadership development in 1995. My background in clinical psychology provides unique insight into human behavior and was is the perfect fit for crucial soft-skills development. I’ve written and facilitated countless courses on topics including communication, emotional intelligence, team building, and leadership. 

The first time I was asked to facilitate a session for a group of women, I was blown away by how different the energy and discussions were from anything I’d experienced. I immediately knew that I wanted to create a unique experience for women combining the results-focused content Klassen Performance Group is known for with a retreat experience to allow women to disconnect and focus exclusively on themselves.

As my vision for Women IGNITE! crystalized, it was clear that it couldn’t be a run-of-the-mill retreat or a big, impersonal conference; it had to be an exceptional experience to cultivate meaningful skills and relationships. My ideas for the retreat came together so fast and furious that I remember thinking, “This woman is on fire!”

After hosting our first retreat, I knew Women IGNITE was special! I gushed to my husband when I got home about the incredible experience. I told him that as much as I loved facilitating Women IGNITE!, I wished I could have been an attendee so I could participate fully in the discussions.

The retreat fills a gap in leadership development for women. It brings high-potential women together in a stimulating environment to develop critical skills, discuss challenges, and pull it all together into a clear plan they act on immediately. It is a huge bonus that they get to do all of this in an incredible retreat environment where they recharge, have fun, and meet new, fantastic women!

Creating an experience to help other women “light up” was a priority to me, so the retreat’s name was a no-brainer: Women IGNITE!

Each retreat I’ve had the privilege to host has exceeded my expectations, so I find myself planning the next one the minute the last person walks out the door.

I look forward to lighting up together at the next Women IGNITE!

What Sets Women IGNITE! Apart?
  • A high-value experience with no time-wasting “fluff.”
  • A process to help women dig deep and clarify what they value most.
  • Skills that are so valuable women will use them at work, at home, and forever.
  • Genuine relationship building that would provide immediate support and insights during the retreat and a personal board participants can turn to for help long after the retreat ends.
  • A powerful immersive experience that women absorb through all five senses. I intentionally chose every song, meal, and room to enhance the content and overall experience.
  • Women leaving the retreat re-ignited with a specific plan and the tools to execute that plan.
  • Identifying the greatest challenges women face and finding ways to overcome them, not complain about them.
  • Identifying strengths common to women and ways to leverage them.
  • A small group to optimize discussion and facilitate relationship building.


There are only 20 seats available so register early for this transformative event!
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Join us for Women IGNITE! Experience a retreat with motivated women developing the vision, skills, and relationships needed to IGNITE! their journey to personal & professional success!
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