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Maximum Influence
Stop Speaking and Start Influencing

Influence is the most powerful tool leaders have to drive results through others. You know you’ve influenced when you’ve impacted another’s thoughts, feelings, or actions. Speakers get through content, influencers effect change.

Join us for 2 high-impact days where you’ll learn how to maximize your influence and transform how you communicate forever. 

Do You Need To:

  • Get your ideas heard and your projects funded?
  • Inspire your team to take immediate action?
  • Deliver difficult messages with confidence?
  • Facilitate engaging meetings that get results?
  • Stand out from the pack and be the one others turn to for ideas?

Maximum Influence will transform you from a speaker to an influencer.

“MI was the most valuable course I’ve taken in my career. Influence is the single most important skill in my role. I’ve used the skills I learned in one on one interactions with my reps, in large groups for trainings as well as selling to customers.”

Indirect Account Manager

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“It is critical that we are able to present a clear, concise, impactful message in many different forums. This course gives employees the complete foundation. Starting with how to prepare your presentation to delivery to close. No other class that I have taken is as comprehensive as this.”

Regional Director Data Sales

You Will Leave With:

  • Evidence-based tools to increase your influence when presenting, facilitating meetings, and interpersonally.
  • A proven methodology to clearly structure your ideas and cut your preparation time by 75%.
  • The ability to demonstrate the 10 characteristics that separate speaking from influencing.
  • 5 skills that will sharpen your listening and amplify your influence.
  • The answer to the #1 question that enables you to adapt to any audience.
  • 4 effective strategies to harness your stress and confidently influence any audience.
  • Follow-up coaching to accelerate your development, reinforce changes, and overcome challenges.
We guarantee an immediate, visible improvement in your ability to influence!

Our proven process builds your confidence, increases your effectiveness, and helps you become a credible source of information in any situation. By the end of the course, you’ll be visibly more influential and confident that you can apply the skills learned to a variety of audiences and situations, so you demonstrate maximum influence in meetings, on conference calls, when presenting, and interpersonally.

How We Get The Results We Promise:

  • With 30 years of experience as professional speakers and behavioral change experts, we know how to get results.
  • We create an environment that enables participants to practice new skills and achieve their specific goals.
  • We deliver specific, insightful feedback that leads to immediate, visible improvement.
  • We actively model every skill taught to accelerate internalization of concepts.

Maximum Influence!

A powerful course guaranteed to deliver visible results in just 2 days.

We’ll customize the content and come to you.

Meet Heather Johnson

Dr. Heather Johnson is an internationally recognized speaker and influence expert. With a doctorate in Psychology and 27 years of business experience, Heather is known for her courses and keynotes on Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Communication, and Transitions.

Heather’s energy is contagious, and her stories will stick with you long after the conference. She has a knack for taking complex topics and distilling them down to the key nuggets that drive results. Whether delivering a keynote or facilitating a workshop, Heather is known for her ability to keep even those with the shortest attention spans engaged. As a result, you’re guaranteed to leave with actionable ideas that will get immediate results.

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