Women Ignite!

October 6-8, 2024

Stillwater, MN
Women Ignite!
A transformative experience for growth-minded women eager to develop the skills and competencies needed to level up in their current roles or prepare for future opportunities.
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Success is personal. 

Every woman defines success according to her personal values, goals, and priorities.

Each fall a new cohort of growth-minded women from diverse roles and backgrounds come from all corners of the country ready to level up and to support each other in their journey.

Who is the perfect fit for Women IGNITE?

Women in any role ready for a change, seeking to step back and plan their next steps.

Women in large organizations needing a reset after a transition or reorganization.

Women in small companies aspiring to world-class development akin to larger corporations.

Women in male-dominated industries seeking opportunities to develop and network with other women.

Women set distractions aside and recharge in an idyllic environment as they create a plan to level up. The experience begins by aligning goals with personal values and identifying the behaviors and skills needed to reach their next level. Participants form lasting relationships as they share insights and laughter along the way.
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What sets Women Ignite! apart

We created Women IGNITE! to fill a gap in the market for a premium women-centric development experience. Women often express dissatisfaction that too many women’s events are large and impersonal, foster a victim mindset, and focus on fluff over substance. Women IGNITE! sets itself apart by:

Tackling specific challenges commonly expressed by women, but rarely addressed in a mixed-gender setting.

Combining evidence-based content and 29 years of experience to equip women with a fresh insights and practical tools they’ll apply immediately.

Limiting group size to foster deeper discussions and exchange feedback on practice and plans.

Combining results-focused experience we’re known with a setting designed to foster focus and accelerate progress.

“When facilitating courses and speaking at events, women often pull me aside to get help with the gender-specific challenges they face.

Women IGNITE! provides a positive, supportive environment where women feel comfortable addressing these questions and discussing the nuances of their challenges while developing critical skills.”

– Dr. Heather Johnson
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At Women Ignite! you will:

  1. Use a framework to guide you through both current and future changes.
  2. Create a clear vision of what leveling up means to you
  3. Amplify your influence to get your voice heard in any situation
  4. Replace ineffective routines with empowering habits
  1. Build and nurture a powerful network to help you get more done
  2. Maximize your time by leveraging key time management strategies
  3. Learn strategies to manage your energy and focus to avoid productivity dips
  4. Build the resilience you’ll need to bounce back from inevitable setbacks

Sunday Welcome Reception

Welcome reception The experience kicks off with a welcome reception Sunday evening. You'll meet the women who will form a community that uplifts, informs, and inspires you long after the retreat has ended. It's a fun-filled evening with great food, valuable discussion, laughter, and budding new friendships.

Monday Development

Dr. Heather Johnson will lead you through a series of challenging and insightful exercises, each topic builds on the last. You’ll polish your vision, align your goals with your values, examine your habits, optimize your energy, and build a power network.

Monday Evening Dinner Cruise

Wrapping up the first full day you'll be treated to a paddleboat cruise along the St. Croix River. You'll enjoy a MN BBQ, great music, the company of new friends, and an opportunity to practice new skills outside of the 'classroom'.

Tuesday Development

Development continues Tuesday as you practice strategies to amplify your voice, regain control of your time, and bolster your resilience to bounce back quickly from challenges and setbacks. You’ll present and get feedback on your plan and leave refocused, reenergized, and with tools to keep your fire burning bright.

Your experience includes:

  • A high-value experience with no ‘fluff’ – we dig deep helping you achieve your specific goals
  • An idyllic, distraction-free setting where you can tune out the world and focus on your development.
  • An intimate group of growth-minded women who will challenge, support, and energize you. Perfect for introverts and extroverts alike!
  • Insightful discussions that lead to breakthroughs and solutions to your greatest challenges.
  • Opportunities to seamlessly form new connections with a diverse group of women ready to help you overcome challenges and serve on your “personal board” long after the retreat. Having women like this in your network is priceless!
  • Endless delicious food and drinks to keep energy up throughout the day.
  • A incredible paddle boat cruise where you’ll experience a new approach to networking while cruising on the St. Croix River enjoying a Minnesota BBQ with new friends.

Meet Dr. Heather Johnson

I’m Dr. Heather Johnson, a psychologist, business owner, professional speaker, and adventurer.

For 30 years, I’ve drawn upon my clinical psychology background to provide unique insights into human behavior. This experience has been instrumental in helping individuals develop soft skills and achieve lasting change.

I’ve developed and facilitated countless courses on topics including communication, emotional intelligence, team building, and leadership.

I’ve worked with executive teams in some of the nation’s largest organizations, along with customer-facing teams, and everyone in between.

Klassen Performance Group is known for content-rich, engaging courses with immediate practical application. You’ll get all of that and more with Women IGNITE!

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Women Ignite!

October 6-8, 2024
Stillwater, MN
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