Big Transitions call for Maximum Influence

“Transitions are a time when small differences in actions have disproportional results.”
Dr. Heather Johnson

The better you understand the challenges inherent in transitions and how to overcome them, the more successful all of your transitions are likely to be.

High-Performance Transitions: Thriving in a New World

There are predictable challenges inherent in major transitions that employees need to overcome. Failure to help employees prepare for and overcome those challenges could lead to a dramatic drop in morale and productivity, increase turnover, and derail the otherwise smooth transition. We can help you prepare employees for the transition and mitigate the inevitable drop in productivity as they transition into their new world.

Our in-person and online influence courses accelerate the transition by helping employees overcome the challenges inherent in transitions while minimizing the drop in productivity.

Polish the #1 tool you’ll use throughout the transition.

Influence is one of the most powerful tools you have as a business owner leading a transition. How you communicate and influence impacts how people feel about the sale and how successfully the business carries on afterward.

We can help you develop and deliver a clear, concise, consistent message that helps your team embrace the transition and make necessary operational changes. We have three options to help you develop your influence skills.

3 paths to Maximize your influence:

Unleash Your Influence

An 8-week blended course that leverages spaced repetition and provides weekly practice and coaching.

Master The Fundamentals

Self directed online course. Coaching and video feedback can be purchased separately.

Maximum Influence

A powerful course delivered in-person with visible results in just 2 days.

KPG combines a psychologist’s insight into rapid change, an executive’s eye on results, and an entrepreneur’s relentless commitment to improvement.

Schedule call and we’ll help you decide which option is the best fit for you.

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Tips & Resources for Ongoing Development

Meet Heather Johnson
Dr. Heather Johnson has been helping business leaders maximize their impact using influence and related soft skills for over 28 years. With a Doctorate in Psychology and contagious energy, Heather is known for her transformative courses and keynotes on Influence, Transitions, Team Building, High Stakes Communications, and more. Heather has a rare ability to distill complex topics into practical skills that leaders can immediately use to solve problems and be more effective.

Heather has helped countless businesses thrive through significant transitions. She teaches leaders how to communicate and influence with impact, which allows them to increase buy-in, build stakeholder confidence, and convey a compelling vision of the future for everyone. The Transitions and Team Building courses teach leaders to build and develop teams so they can quickly align with new strategies and avoid the inevitable drag on performance experienced when companies transition. With a background in psychology and experience working with leaders and owners, she will surely have insights to accelerate your organization’s transition to a bright future.

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