The Klassen Performance Group team has been developing leaders for over 30 years. We customize our solutions to meet our client’s specific needs, and we guarantee results.  We offer in-person, online, and virtual options that we can combine in a number of ways to get the results you need.

Blended learning that combines professionally-produced videos, weekly practice with peer feedback, professional coaching, check points to measure progress, and all the tools you’ll need to unleash your influence in any setting.

Unleash Your Influence

Participants develop the skills to influence any audience of any size. They learn how to organize their thoughts into a clear, concise message and deliver it in a way that grabs attention. Because audiences (whether 1 or 1,000) listen for different information, participants learn how to identify and adapt to different listening styles to increase their likelihood of success. Confidence is a critical part of influence, so we teach proven ways to manage stress and confidently deliver any message to any audience. Participants consistently say that our influence courses are the most practical, effective courses they have experienced.   

Who Should Attend

Unleash Your Influence is ideal for people who need to

  • Simplify and clearly explain complex ideas
  • Confidently deliver difficult messages
  • Engage distracted listeners and get their ideas heard
  • Skillfully adapt their message to fit the audience
  • Tactfully manage project escalations
  • Foster collaboration with cross-functional teams

The Process

After 30 years of teaching influence skills, we know what works

We work with small groups of 12-15 to optimize interaction and practice during the webinars. Participants begin their development by assessing their current influence skills and knowledge, and meeting with a KPG coach to identify strengths to leverage and gaps to close. Participants will experience four weeks of interactive webinars, video content, and personal coaching to develop the influence skills that will help them drive results in any setting. After the final webinar, participants will retake the assessments and have a final personal coaching session.
Participants will take two assessments prior to starting the course. The first will measure their IQ (influence quotient), and the second will measure their influence knowledge. They will retake both assessments at the end of the course as one of the measures of their progress.

Participants will complete a short form describing their challenges and goals to prepare for the first coaching call. They will also record and submit a video to review with their coach as an example of their current influence skills. The call will focus on their strengths, opportunities, and goals with the purpose of setting them up for success in the course.

Participants have access to videos of Dr. Heather Johnson delivering content each week prior to the webinars. There are four hours of content over 15 videos that participants will have access to for 12 months following the session. The videos provide flexibility while quizzes after each video reinforce content and challenge participants to think through application of concepts.

Participants attend four two-hour weekly webinars where they will get answers to questions, apply concepts to their specific situations, and practice new skills.

Participants will record and submit a video applying the writing methodology and using concepts taught so far. They will work with the coach to identify the top three areas of focus to help them meet their goals.

After the final webinar, participants will retake both influence assessments, record and submit a final video, and complete a form to prepare for their final coaching call. They will work with the coach to identify progress and their next areas of focus.

Topics In The Course

Skills are introduced online, discussed and practiced in webinars, and personalized through coaching

  • The Three Foundations Of Influence
  • Influential Introductions
  • What’s Stress Got To Do With It?
  • Managing Silent Messages
  • Rapidly Organize Your Thoughts Using A Proven Methodology
  • Integrate Stories For Engagement And Impact
  • Facilitate Meetings That Get Results
  • Seven Keys To A Strong Virtual Presence
  • Master The Art Of Listening
Accelerate and Enhance Results
  • The KPG coaches will set aside blocks of time where any Beckman Coulter employees who have been through Unleash Your Influence (our virtual Master Class) or Maximum Influence (in person) can jump onto a Zoom call to get questions answered, prepare for an opportunity to influence, or even review a video.
  • Ideal for those who:
    • Have specific questions on areas of influence they are currently working on that can be answered in approximately 15 minutes.
    • Want additional time to explore a personal challenge, to review video of practice talks, or who want help preparing for a specific situation.
  • Investment is $599 for 2-hour blocks.
Individual coaching is an opportunity to spend more time with coaches than office hours allow.
  • Ideal for those who:
    • Want to accelerate their development.
    • Want to dive deeper into specific areas of influence.
    • Would like help preparing for a specific situation such as an interview, presentation, or high stakes conversation.
  • Investment $299 per 45 minute session.
  • This is a self-paced online course that includes videos of all content from Maximum Influence. Individuals have access for 12 months to videos and the workbooks for ongoing reinforcement and development of skills.
  • Ideal for those who
    • Attended Maximum Influence in the past and want a refresher because of a new role, because they’ve fallen into old habits, or because they’re ready to develop their skills further.
  • Investment is $499 with quantity pricing available.

By the end of the course, you'll have:

  • Visible improvement in your ability to influence
  • Confidence in your ability to to engage listeners and achieve your desired impact in any situation
  • Demonstrated success with a methodology you’ll use to deliver your messages clearly and concisely
  • A personal listening report to understand your listening style and help you adapt your message so it resonates with your audience
  • The tools you need to utilize your words, tone, and body language to deliver an impactful message
  • Working knowledge of the 10 characteristics that differentiate influence from speaking
  • A clear understanding of what your meetings cost and strategies to maximize the return on your investment
  • Tips to improve your presence and increase your virtual impact

How we get the results we promise:

  • We begin with an assessment and coaching session to set you up for success.
  • We provide premium, engaging videos that clearly explain concepts
  • We facilitate weekly webinars to discuss content and practice skills
  • Individual coaching by professional speakers with decades of speaking and coaching experience
  • Checkpoints along the way to measure both learning and progress
  • We cut through the fluff and focus on the practical application to accelerate your development.
  • We are experts in human behavior who understand how to effectively put theory into practice.
  • We provide relevant exercises so you can practice skills taught and quickly develop new habits.
We guarantee results. If you’ve completed all of the work and don’t see results by week four, we’ll refund your money. We have offered a money back guarantee for all of our courses for over 30 years and have never had anyone who needed to take advantage of it. We promise and we get results!

“I have found great value in your training and it’s really helped me professionally. In fact, I was just asked by my Region President to present with her on Friday at a chamber breakfast…this opportunity would not have happened if she was not impressed with the presentations I’ve given over the past year with the skills learned in your training.

Senior Marketing Business Consultant

“Overall, Maximum Influence was one of the most impactful seminars I have ever attended in my 13 year career in the wireless industry. The value was tremendous. It gives you the necessary tools and ‘real-world’ experience on how to present and ultimately influence an audience. This course was more relevant than others I’ve attended and it taught/coached very specific techniques for success. Other courses are more general and lack content that has real and immediate impact. All managers, and employees of leaders they are developing to next level, should go though Maximum Influence.”

Direct Sales Manager

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Dr. Heather Johnson is a nationally recognized speaker with extensive experience developing leaders.  With a doctorate in Psychology and over 20 years of business experience, she works with leaders to quickly identify individual and team performance obstacles and develops customized solutions that lead to rapid change and lasting results. Heather facilitates public and in-house workshops that deliver personalized, practical, and immediate results.  Some of her most requested topics are: Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Communication, and Strategic Planning.

Dr. Heather Johnson

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