October 6-8, 2024

Meet the creator and host of Women IGNITE! Dr. Heather Johnson

My name is Dr. Heather Johnson. I’m a psychologist, business owner, professional speaker, and adventurer. 

I started my career in leadership development in 1995. My background in clinical psychology provides unique insight into human behavior and was is the perfect fit for crucial soft-skills development. I’ve written and facilitated countless courses on topics including communication, emotional intelligence, team building, and leadership. 

The first time I was asked to facilitate a session for a group of women, I was blown away by how different the energy and discussions were from anything I’d experienced. I knew immediately that I wanted to create a unique experience for women combining the results-focused content Klassen Performance Group is widely known for with a retreat experience that would allow women to disconnect and focus exclusively on themselves.

After hosting our first retreat, I knew Women IGNITE! was special! 

The retreat fills a gap in leadership development for women. It brings growth-minded women together in a stimulating environment to develop critical skills, discuss challenges, and pull it all together into a clear plan they execute immediately. It is a huge bonus that they get to do all of this in an incredible retreat environment where they recharge, have fun, and meet new, amazing women!

Join us Oct 6-8, 2024 for Women IGNITE!

Women IGNITE! Professional Development Retreat for High Potential Women

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