October 6-8, 2024

Women IGNITE! Professional Development Retreat for High Potential Women
How you will get the ROI we promise:
Women IGNITE! combines the results-focused content Klassen Performance Group is widely known for with a retreat experience that looks through the lens of women in the workplace. We identify challenges women need to overcome and how to leverage their strengths.

You’ll return from Women IGNITE! energized, focused, and armed with tools that empower you to get results.

Top 10 Outcomes from Attending Women IGNITE!
  1. An immediate increase in productivity.
  2. Clarity and motivation from strengthened alignment of your goals and priorities.
  3. Increased resilience as you apply new strategies to bounce back quickly from setbacks.
  4. Time management tools that allows you to adapt to change while maintaining a positive mindset.
  5. Growth in your external professional network that brings new resources and fresh ideas to the table.
  6. Fresh ideas from insights gained and a trusted group of other high achievers.
  7. Effective and intentional communication and influence skills in verbal and written communications.
  8. Renewed confidence and passion that that gets you and your ideas noticed .
  9. Improved stress management in situations that previously would have distracted and drained you.
  10. Increased focus and sustainable energy.

At Women IGNITE! You Will:

Bring Your Next Level into Focus
Transitions and change can knock us off course. Your journey begins with specific exercises to align your goals, values, and your vision for your next level of success. The plan you create will guide you long after you leave the retreat.

Leverage the Power of Habits to Accelerate Results

Our days are full of unconscious habits that lead us toward or away from our goals. You’ll learn psychology-based strategies to replace ineffective behaviors with empowering habits that will drive results.

Strategically Build Your Power Network

No one succeeds alone. You’ll identify networking challenges, learn specific ways to overcome them, and get practical opportunities to practice building the relationships you need to succeed.

Re-Energize and Sharpen Your Focus

Countless distractions compete for our attention and sap our energy. You’ll learn eight neuroscientific strategies to increase your energy and sharpen your focus so you can get more done.

Amplify Your Voice

A woman’s voice gets muted for many reasons. Learn how to increase your credibility, engage even the most distracted listeners, and deliver a clear message, so you get your ideas heard.

Regain Control of Your Time

Endless meetings, interruptions, and crises steal so much time that we can feel like we’re always racing to catch up. You’ll learn six proven ways to find a minimum of 10 hours in your week to devote to your top priorities.

Resilience: Your Secret Weapon

Achieving your next level of success won’t be easy. You’ll encounter setbacks of all sizes. The strategies you learn to build resilience are the key to bouncing back quickly and getting back on track.

Create Your Specific Plan

Every woman has a personal definition of success and will apply the learnings from Women IGNITE! in her unique way. The retreat is a catalyst to help you refocus, reignite, and recharge. You’ll leave with a plan to apply what you learned and keep the fire burning.

You Will Leave Women IGNITE! With:

  • A clear vision,  goals, a  specific plan, and the tools to achieve them
  • 6 proven ways to find a minimum of 5 extra hours in your week to devote to top priorities
  • Effective strategies to quickly bounce back from setbacks
  • Specific steps to build, nurture, and leverage an invaluable network
  • A psychology-based approach to replace ineffective behaviors with empowering habits
  • A personal board ready to help you going forward
  • 8 neuroscientific strategies to increase your energy and focus
  • Best practices and insights from incredible women
  • Influence skills to get your voice heard in any situation
  • An immediate return on your investment

Join us Oct 6-8, 2024 for Women IGNITE!

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